Kim Burgas is a multimedia artist and sensory sociologist. She creates interactive installations, performances, videos and workshops to collaboratively investigate social experiences within groups of people. Burgas’ work primarily focuses on the physical movement and embodied experiences of people and things, investigating the ways in which movement and bodies are co-constructed by their environment and those around. Her explorations have taken place and/or been displayed in senior centers, dance studios, an inflatable pool, museums, a closet, a beach, public bathrooms, and an abandoned warehouse.

Selected Exhibitions

2016 | “Third Shift Festival,” St. John’s, Canada
2015 | “Fuse,” Creators Collection, New York City
2015 | Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York City
2015 | “Now&After,” Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia
2014 | “IFP Made in NY Media Center,” NY Media Center, New York City
2014 | “Borderland – The entropy of identities,” Museo de Almería, Almería, Spain
2014 | “Borderland – The entropy of identities,” MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico, Granada, Spain
2014 | “Borderland – The entropy of identities,” Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Granada, Granada, Spain
2013 | “BorderBody,” Gallery MD_S (Galeria sztuki Współczesnej MD_S), Wrocław (Poland)
2012 | “Projections,” Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2012 | “Shake In/Shake Out,” Flux Factory, New York City
2011 | “InterimProjekte,” Hafen Zwei, Frankfurt, Germany
2011 | Greenpoint Gallery, New York City
2010 | “A Vanguard of Six,” Phyllis Weston Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2009 | “It is raining…” Semantics Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
2008 | Juried. “A Small Glimpse,” Honorable Mention Award, Redtree Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2017 | “Strategies for Interactive & Immersive Dance,” NYC Digital Humanities Week, New York City
2015 | Movement Workshop & Installation, Goldsmiths University, London, UK

2015 | Choreodrome Creative Collaboration: Practice Meets Research Lab, London, UK
2012 | The Cave, New York City

Selected Performances
03/25/2012 | Flux Factory, New York City
01/17/2012 | Triskelion, New York City
03/06/2010 | Center for Performance Research, New York City
04/07/2009 | Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH

When I’m not doing these things, I video duel with my banjo in the global battle of the century: pluckingdoitround1, pluckingdoitround2

I like to collaborate, so please get in touch.

burgaska at gmail dot com